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Time to Get Back to Healthy

So in recent times I have really gotten bad with letting the healthy eating habits of this house go down the drain. I will admit it is 97% my fault. I do the grocery shopping and I used to just say no when they wanted junk. My husband would always bring junky treats home from… Continue reading Time to Get Back to Healthy

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Inside Out Movie

While I have used this image before only the children and hubby had seen the movie. I just watched it tonight and completely fell in love with it. It is a fabulous movie showing and talking about feelings. Love, love, love, love If you have not seen it, you need to see it! If you… Continue reading Inside Out Movie

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Noisy Sleeper?

In our home it seems that we all have nasally issues when it comes to sleeping. It isn't an all the time thing. We all seem to take our turns. For my husband and I it seems when I am beyond exhausted I have these issues. When my husband is under the weather or just attempting… Continue reading Noisy Sleeper?

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DIY Peace & Calming

So as we have talked about before Young Living will not use plants or fruits that are lacking in the quality. They have a standard and they are not willing to bend or compromise those standards. This is a huge reason I love this company. I do not have to worry that I am going… Continue reading DIY Peace & Calming

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Oils For Emotions!

Emotions happen. Everyone has them. Some of us have more than others but we all deal with emotions on a daily basis! There are Young Living Essential Oils that can help you release your emotions. Do you have a way to release your emotions in a healthy way? I do! If you are ready to… Continue reading Oils For Emotions!