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How Much Does Your Health Matter To You?

I have been using the whole food based nutrition capsules for over a year now. I have talked about them before and how thankful I am for them. Life has changed, for the better. I still have bad days, we all do. However I am totally blessed to be about to move on with life,… Continue reading How Much Does Your Health Matter To You?

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Children’s Health Study

We started just over a year ago on our capsules and chews. One of the main things I wanted to do was to help my children. They were very much like their dad. While we attempted to eat healthy, if given a choice (or with daddy) they would pick pizza rolls, pizza, mac n cheese,… Continue reading Children’s Health Study

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Very Grateful

Our household has been dealing with the same issues every other household has been dealing with. We are all under the weather. We all need to boost our immunity more than we normally do. We all need essential oils to help support and open the airways more. We all need raw honey to help coat… Continue reading Very Grateful

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Grocery Shopping Online!

When I became an "adult" and had to start grocery shopping I never would have imagine that one day I could shop for 80% of the items I need from an online store! The local stores we have around here do not have much for selection when it comes to speciality items. And when I… Continue reading Grocery Shopping Online!

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How Do You Know Which Essential Oils or Supplements to Pick?

I am really excited to have this in our possession now! We have been blessed to be able to purchase the ZYTO Compass and it helps take the guess-work out of which Young Living essential oil or supplement to pick. So many have asked me which one they need or should start with and I… Continue reading How Do You Know Which Essential Oils or Supplements to Pick?