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Simple, Little, Easy Reminders

I have a smart phone. It has a Bible app on it. It has Pinterest on it. It has Chrome on it. Still I am a person who still loves paper. Paper books. Paper to-do lists. Paper to doodle on. Paper notes from church. Paper notes from Bible study. Paper calender. Sticky notes frame my… Continue reading Simple, Little, Easy Reminders

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August 2016 Giveaway

Who is ready for a giveaway? We are giving away 2 Young Living Essential Oils! You can enter each day for free plus you can earn up to 5 additional entries! Don't miss out on the chance to win a 15ml Lavender and Peppermint essential oil from Think One Change! Additional Entries Include: Pinterest Twitter… Continue reading August 2016 Giveaway

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January 2016 Giveaway

Let us spOIL your family by running a giveaway! We will be spOILing your family one drop at a time with a 5ml Lemon essential oil! Be sure to come back and register daily! Click --> January Giveaway It hasn't been a bad winter here in Michigan. As a matter of fact until this past… Continue reading January 2016 Giveaway

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Puzzled about DIY Blends?

There are so many options and things people put online about DIY essential oil things. There are lip balms, body scrubs, lotions, facial wash and the list goes on and on. You can pull up Pinterest and find 1000's of recipes! It can be a bit overwhelming when you just want something that works. So… Continue reading Puzzled about DIY Blends?

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Young Living Jargon

When you become a wholesale customer with Young Living essential oils there seems to be a language all their own. As you join Facebook groups or read on blogs or see Pinterest posts, you can be a bit overwhelmed with what you are seeing. Some of it you may have no clue what they are… Continue reading Young Living Jargon

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October 2015 Winner Oil Arrived

After the winner was selected (with I sent out the email. We had a verify a few things like: Age, Address, and the basics! We mailed out her Young Living Lemon Essential  Oil and her Young Living Lime Essential Oil. I sent her an email yesterday to check to see if they have arrived… Continue reading October 2015 Winner Oil Arrived