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Water Infusion Ideas

Not everyone is a fan of water. The biggest proof of that in the stores is how many water flavoring enhancers there are. Most of them use fake sugars (which are not good for you) or a lot of real sugar. Then look at all the added in ingredients and who knows what you are… Continue reading Water Infusion Ideas

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Is Tower Garden Worth It?

Do you want to be able to garden year round no matter where you live? Me too!  In December I happened to click on a link off of Facebook and ended up on They have some pretty amazing things on the site and there were a couple things I will definitely be investing in… Continue reading Is Tower Garden Worth It?

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Tower Garden Party Love

So this evening I was able to further my education and learn even more about the Tower Garden! How can you not love learning more from those who are already using an aeroponic vertical growing tower? One of the people who did the party showed the growth on her tower and I was so excited… Continue reading Tower Garden Party Love