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Lets Learn About: YL Lemon EO

Here is a little bit of education. I was told one of the best ways to learn about a specific oil is to study it for a week and by the end of a year you will have taken the time to learn about 52 essential oils in depth. What a great idea. While this… Continue reading Lets Learn About: YL Lemon EO

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Day Trip

So my oldest son, who is in school, is in Marching Band. This is his third year and today marks the end of his Junior year in Marching Band. That also means a trip to Detroit for State Finals! When I go on a day trip I like to think about what I am going… Continue reading Day Trip

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Glass Bottle Tip for Essential Oils

We have gone on a couple of vacations this year. Most years we do not go on vacations but we were very blessed this year. But as with most vacations that we do get to take, I have a system. I have a list that I make and I go down it. What typically happens… Continue reading Glass Bottle Tip for Essential Oils