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Keepers of the Faith Quartet

Tonight I was blessed enough to go to my church and help support Community Recovery by attending the Keepers of the Faith group. Their story brought me to tears. They music spoke to my soul. This concert is not at our church but it will give you an idea of what I had the… Continue reading Keepers of the Faith Quartet

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God Has Blessed Us

Do you know that God loves to bless His children? He uses so many things to bless us with. Today has been this huge blessing for our family! I have been praying about a lot of things. I have not been praying the way I was before spring break got here, but I have still… Continue reading God Has Blessed Us

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Juice Plus Special

If you have been putting off getting on and using the capsules, maybe you shouldn't wait any longer.  We are coming to the end of February and we would love to offer you the chance to get on them. We do end up doing a lot of specials, we want to help people! We know… Continue reading Juice Plus Special

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Mental Health Problems Suck

It has been over a week since my oldest attempted suicide. He has been in a mental health facility for a week now. Today was a family meeting. It was something I wasn't looking forward to. The conversation I had with him on Saturday was rough and confirmed so much for me.  I prayed a… Continue reading Mental Health Problems Suck

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Work At Home Parent

I am a work at home mom. Jack is a work at home dad when he is here, even while he is working. There are a few reasons why I work at home. I am bipolar and maintaining a "real" job has never been something I have been gifted with. When I am down, I… Continue reading Work At Home Parent

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Happiness Is…

Going over to a customers for an iTOVi scan and seeing oils out (it's a sure sign they are used). Looking at your kitty cat and seeing all the precious parts of him. Listening to my children giggle while they are cuddled up for bed. Listening to my animals playing and chasing each other through… Continue reading Happiness Is…

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I Choose God

My blog(s) used to be my outlet. I don't always post about everything that goes on but this is going to be a baring, vulnerable, open and honest post. Over the summer I did a Bible study with a few ladies. This study helped cement something I have known but didn't want to accept. Maybe… Continue reading I Choose God

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I Am Worn; i am weary

Old habits die hard. I made some really serious health changes last year and then again in March. It is August and all of a sudden the last week for me has been filled with old habits. Not just old habits but old bad habits. We are human and if you believe in God or… Continue reading I Am Worn; i am weary

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Just Prayed

So as days go, this has been a long one. When you have friends in your life for a long time, they become family. When their family hurts, you hurt. When they need comfort, if you can't be with them, you pray. When their children are hurting and they can't be there, you run over… Continue reading Just Prayed