You Always Have The Choice To Change, Never Settle!

A little over a year ago I woke up, looked in the mirror and decided enough was enough. I no longer wanted to be the overweight, in pain, miserable person I had become. I had made the choice I was no longer going to just settle for who I had become.
I didn’t like how I physically felt. I didn’t like how I physically looked. I didn’t like how I felt emotionally. I hated looking in the mirror because of what I saw and heard in my head. I didn’t like what I was and wasn’t able to do anymore.

I woke up, I decided I wasn’t going to settle anymore. I was ready to make a change. I was ready to get healthy. I was ready to find a solution to help me with all of the health issues I had going on. I was ready to add to my progressing non-toxic household. 

I understood it wasn’t going to be easy. I also knew that I was going to have to change the way I viewed certain things. I had to make my health, the health of the family important enough to spend money on it. That was really hard to do. That was something that we had to work on as a couple, as a whole, and we had to be on the same page. 

On the same day all of this was taking place a friend posted about some all natural whole food based capsules. We could also get the kids on this study and it would be free for us with the help of the rep and the company. This was it. This was the make or break moment for our family. Were we ready to put our health first. We were ready to make our health and what we were putting in our bodies a priority.

We talked and came to the conclusion that we were going to try it. It was four months. If after four months nothing had changed. If I personally felt no different, if I was still miserable, if I wasn’t changing for the better then we would be done. We owed it to ourselves, to our children and to our grandchildren (they are not here yet). If all we did was talk about change and we were not ready to actually put our finances toward a change, then we were just choosing to settle. 

I was not willing to just settle anymore. I was not ready to just give up and give in. 

You always hear that children don’t learn what they hear, they learn what they live and they learn to live what they see. So what did I want my children to be doing? Did I want them to be eating junk and filling their bodies with processed foods? Did I want them making healthy choices and picking from the fresh food section? What I had been teaching them with what we were eating and cooking was cheap food was the way to go. Skip the freshe section, grab the frozen pizza, the pre-boxed pasta meals, eat the junk instead of taking time to make fresh.

When we were leaving the grocery stores, we would grab a treat from the check out lanes. What do they have in those lanes? Candy, cookies, crackers and most of them also have pop’s or energy drinks. That meant most of the time we would leave with a ton of processed sugars that would give a fast pick me up, quick stomach fill and then a nasty crash not long after. How hard would it be to walk past all of those things without grabbing something? It was a hard change especially for the kiddos who really knew nothing different.

I started going over to the fresh fruits. I would grab some precut cantaloupe or an apple or banana. I would encourage the to grab something from the area as well. Something that was sweet, fresh, delicious and healthy for us. There are still many times they make the choice not to pick something because they hope I will let them pick the junk but they are learning. Just like the parents are learning.

We have helped to create these bad habits for them. We have helped to encourage the bad habits. We have to help break them. As parents, Jack and I need to show them what is better for them. We need to teach them to love themselves by choosing the healthy things in life. We can not just tell them to do the healthy thing, we have to show them we are doing it as well!

Each day is a new day. Each day should be treated as a new beginning. You don’t have to feel as if you are depriving yourself. You can still have sweet things and enjoy life, just use moderation! I don’t want my children to feel as if we never let them enjoy things, or get to have treats or goodies. We just need to work on showing them how to begin each day as a new chance.

I have been very happy with where our life has taken us over the past year. We have made some big changes. We have made the choice to get more fruits, veggies and berries in our bodies daily. We have made the choice to be more active daily. We have made the choice to make our health a priority, as a family.

Since we have decided to do these things changes have happened. My hair is growing more than it ever has. My aches, pains and swelling has been drastically reduced. My weight has gone done. I have lost inches, even when the weight was not coming off. I have been able to get my wedding ring back on. It has been a great change. It has been an amazing transformation to watch! 

We decided to give this new lifestyle four months. We decided to spend our money on something that we should have been doing for a long time but were not making a priority. We didn’t know where it would take us but I am glad we did it. We were not ready to just settle for what we had anymore! At the end of the four months, we were thanking ourselves for making such a difficult choice. A choice for health and wellness! 

Have you ever gotten to the point where you just decided enough was enough? I would love to hear about it! I would love to hear what you decided to make a priority in your life when you decided you were no longer going to settle.


When One Of Your Babies Is Graduating

The last few days have been a bit overwhelming. Adam my oldest in the house is graduating this year. I was (and am) so proud of him. He has done a great job in school. Over the past four years he has been involved in marching band, concert band, symphony band, ski team and he has become my social butterfly.

He saved up enough money to purchase an amazing truck, yesterday. I was okay when he got his license and didn’t freak out any. Yesterday however, it hit me, he is a grown up. He is 18, he has his license, he is graduating high school in less than a month, he has a car and tonight was his last band concert.

I was perfectly fine, until I posted on facebook that it was his last band concert. That did it for me. This was the last time I would be in the PAC watching Adam on stage in band. He may not be my oldest but he is my first to graduate. I don’t suppose it matters any how many of your children get to this stage, it will always be emotional. 

I am sitting back and watching him grow up. He has an amazing head on his shoulders. He is smart. He knows what he wants in life and what he doesn’t want in life. I often wonder how in the world he came from me. So often in life I am wishy washy! I am very proud of the man he has become and I am very excited to see where life is going to take him.

We are in the process of planning an open house for him. We are in the process of wrapping up all of the last little things for his last days, last trip and graduation of this senior year. 

I pray for him. I should pray for him more often than I do. Tonight was the first tough night of many. It is a whole bitter sweet kind of thing. I am so excited and proud of him and yet, he is growing up and moving on. It is hard to watch. 

Have you gone though all of this yet? I pray it gets easier with each one. Yet deep down I know the last one will be the hardest. He has been my hardest first/lasts since he was born. All his firsts are all my lasts. Sigh….

Parenthood! One of the most rewarding things you could ever do with your life. They don’t have to be “your” children to be a parent either. Parenthood is one of the most rewarding and hardest things you could ever do with your life. I am doing it four times. 

Today has been a rough day for more reasons than just he is graduating. My oldest reached out again, he is in a struggle and tomorrow we go for an assessment at a hospital, again. I am beyond thrilled he reach out before attempting to end his life. It is just hard. You want what is best for your children and you have to sit back and watch them make life difficult over and over by doing the same thing over and over.

Tomorrow is a new day and each new day comes with the opportunity to write a new ending! Each new day comes with the opportunity to step into the unknown and make a change. Each new day comes with the ability to say thank you for allowing me to wake up and lets make today great! It does not matter what the prior day was like because each new day is, well, new! 

Now to get some sleep because tomorrow is shaping up to be a longer day than normal! Good Night!

Be The Reason Someone Smiles

Life can be trying at times. I am an introvert and so there are choices I have to make on a regular basis. Will I choose to be positive, happy, friendly and out of my comfort zone? Will I choose to be inward, withdrawn, quiet and comfortable? Of course I would always be happy to stay in my safe zone but I don’t want people who don’t know me to think I don’t care! 

I have a huge heart. I wear my emotions on my sleeve (and face) a lot of the time. I have to make the decision to be smiling because otherwise I look like I don’t care, am rushed, rude, and unhappy. I really do care about people. I want to be a person that when you see me, you walk away feeling better! I want to be the reason you smile.

I care about you. I care about your health. I care about your family. I care about you worries, and what you need prayers for. I do not care if you are purple, pink, Christian, Muslim, male, female, gay, straight or anything in between. I care about you and where you are at in your life! 

Have you ever looked at a person and just found something so beautiful about them? Did you take the time to tell them? This is something I am trying to do. It is a huge step for me. You look at a person and have no idea what their life is like. Your comment, your words may stay with them forever. They could be having the worst day of their life, and you seeing something beautiful about them and then telling them could help them. It could carry them through a really hard time. It does not matter that I an introvert, I should want to show kindness and love to everyone I meet. 

I don’t always do it though. I am afraid. I prefer to stay in my comfort zone.

So often we are worried about what others will think of us if we say something or do something. We live in a world that thrives on competition, mistrust and disbelief. Women especially feel they need to compete with those around them. Am I wearing the right shirt, pants, shoes, make-up, and the list goes on. We are so concerned with what others think.

How would you feel if another woman came up to you and gave you a complement when you felt and looked your worse? We should be lifting others up, even if we do not know them! Men and women should be lifting each other up. I may not have the best of everything and I may not look my best all the time, but I can be the best me all the time. 

We are all individuals. We are all beautiful in our own way. When I look in the mirror, often I am taken back to the past. I hear past words from others. It doesn’t have to be about anything in particular, just cutting words, looks or actions that have stayed with me. How many of us have those negative things in our life? I am sure we all have something we see or hear from out past.

Why do we look back? Why do we allow ourselves to go back there? Life is a journey! We should always be moving forward. Unless you want to move backwards in your life, there is no point in going back there and reliving it. Maybe the person you told had an amazing smile was told long ago they had a hideous smile. Maybe the person who was skipping through the parking lot and you told them you loved their youthful spirit was told to stop acting like a child not long ago. 

Your words, your actions, you reaching out can have a tremendous impact on someone’s life. You could stop them from looking backwards at their past and you could be the person who gets them going forward. When you feel the urge to tell something you love about them, do it. You never know if you are going to change their life.

So many of us never leave our comfort zone. It makes me wonder what I missed so often because I was content to be inward. How many friendships did I miss out on? How many lives did I miss out on complimenting? While I can’t go backward and rewrite my past, I can give the ending of my life a different outcome! I can choose to step out and smile. I can choose to tell someone I love their hair color. I can choose to tell someone I love the patience they have with their children. 

I can choose to be a happier person. I can choose to let others know I care about them with a smile. Life is about choices. Are you going to be the person who make someone smile? I am not going to worry about those around me. I was not put here to compete with others, I was put here to love others. 

I am going to be the best person I can be and I am going to bloom. I am not going to look back because I am not heading that way. I am going to change how my life is going. I don’t have to be stuck on the path I have been on and neither do you. Life is about choices. Life is about changes. Life is about loving others around you and loving yourself.

Are you an introvert? Are you trying to change that in public? What kind of things are you doing to help you change? I am making an effort. I want to be the person who makes you smile. I want to be the person who noticed you. I want to be your pick me up and I want you to know I care about you!

Your Hurts Need Forgiveness For Freedom

So not long ago I had been thinking about, working through and studying forgiveness. I had posted a bunch of verses about forgiveness here. Then I went into what it means here. Of course then in our Bible study on Wednesday we come Your Hurts.

In my Wednesday morning woman’s Bible study we are reading FerVent by Priscilla Shirer. It is an amazing book. It helps you look at ten different strategies that are common places that the devil attacks in our life. She teaches you how to use the Bible and verses and how to get into fervently praying. 

At the end of each chapter (or strategy) I try and write a summary of what it was about. Below is what I wrote for this past week.

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we talked about Strategy 9, Your Hurts. I was so shocked to hear how many of us take simple things and turn them into bitterness and place a hold on forgiveness.

This chapter was a hard pill to swallow for me. I always think I have forgiven someone or something and all is great. Then I get around that person and I feel myself getting tense and angry all over again.

Or another problem I have is I actually do forgive a person for something that was done and then they do a new thing. I have to start all over again and it just makes me so mad. Then I question why does this keep on happening over and over!

I have been doing a serious study for myself about forgiveness. There is a lot in my life that I have to forgive and there is a lot I have done in my past that I have needed to forgive. It isn’t easy, it takes time, it takes effort and it really takes some determination on your part to continually go to God with it all.

I have been doing this study because God has been urging me and I am so tired of feeling that anger, hurt and bitterness. There are just some things in life we have to accept are not going to be the way we want them to be. We don’t control other people, their thoughts or their actions. When we let go of the control and when we let go of how we feel they should be acting, it opens a whole new door to forgiveness and acceptance. 

I have always heard my whole life, “If only we were given an instruction manual.” We have had one our whole life. It may not hold the answers we want to hear but it does hold the answers. We are told to forgive others, when they repent. We are also told to forgive others so we can be forgiven. 

Just like she talks about in the book, we are told we are forgiven so that we are forgiven but with God’s grace our sins are already gone and we are forgiven. So forgiveness really is for us. We need to forgive so that we can have a close, personal and beautiful relationship with God.

There is a time and place for anger. You have a right to get mad, be upset and then to forgive and move on. There is also a time and a place for not putting yourself back into a situation. In order to really know the difference, you have to be able to hear God (when it isn’t screaming at you with a red flashing light).

That is really where having to forgive comes in. Here, on earth, I know when I am really upset and angry about something it affects more relationships than with just the person I am upset with. So if that happens here, what happens with God? If I am harboring any kind of anger, if I am refusing to forgive, I am not able to truly lay it all down at the cross and go to Him. 

I have to be honest with God. I have to ask for His help when I can’t forgive on my own. It is possible to be free. It is possible to enjoy life. But to truly get there, you can’t sweep things under the rug and not deal with them, for yourself. 

 I read a quote the other day that reminded me about what Dawn said. When she has forgiven and the thought comes into her mind she shuts it down. The quote was talking about how when you are dealing with negative thoughts, write them down and toss them out physically. It has a psychological affect on you. So maybe what we need to do is write down our angers, hurts and bitterness – give them all to God and physically toss them out!

Physically release them to God, they are no longer yours. It is a process, it does take time but God can and does work miracles. He can help you release all of those feelings that hurt your relationship with Him! 

Next week is our last chapter. We will be reading Strategy 10, Your Relationships!

See you on Wednesday!


Do you have anything you are holding against someone? Do you have something you are holding against yourself? It dosn’t have to be a huge thing, it can be the tiniest things. Sometimes we have to do some serious soul searching to find out what is holding us up. It is possible you don’t even know at this point what or where your hurts are coming from that are causing a block.

Praying that if you have some past hurts you have caused or if you have some past hurts you need to forgive that you find a way in your heart to move forward. 

I would love to hear a success story about forgiveness and where it has taken you!

If you need some help working on your prayer life, I highly encourage you to purchase the book FerVent. It has made a radical change in my prayer life and it has helped me move forward in places I didn’t know it was possible!

Life and Thought Changes

Believe In YourselfLast week was a busy week of training. This week is a busy week of training. One thing I have gotten out of it all though (so far) is that you need to really know your why. Not only do you need to know your why, you need to really break down certain things about your business.

So we are working on a personal vision board, a why board, a wheel of life chart and focusing on what we want to be. What do others see when they look at us on social media? I am not sure but I would like to get it defined for us so we know we are conveying what we are.

So much of life is influenced by thoughts. Thoughts come from what others say to you,Need a Mood Booster
what you hear in your own mind, and things that have happened in your life. They all influence the way you act, think and feel. Most of the time it seems negative thoughts come up so much easier than those that are positive. Have you ever noticed that? You are more likely to have negative thoughts creep into your mind than the positive ones?

One of the great things I have seen that I am going to start doing is: write down your negative thoughts and physically toss them out! I don’t need to focus on what  others have said that is negative, I need to be focusing on the positive so that I can believe in myself.

Change is never easy. It never has been and it never will be. When you are changing you Growth Me Changeare stepping out of the comfort zone you have created for yourself! Yes we could all go about just living in that comfort zone but do you want to live there for the rest of your life? If you had asked me a few years ago I probably would have said yes. Now as I am changing, stepping out of that comfort zone, listening to the nudges and going forward it makes me wonder why I waited so long!

I want to grow in my life. I want our children to see both of us grow. I want them to see that making mistakes and not getting things right the first time is not only okay but amazing! Making mistakes teaches you new ways to accomplish things, or how not to accomplish something. It helps you change.

Change and be and is scary most of the time. Going from the known things to the unknown things is like going on the “Tower of Terror” at Disney World! You know it is aManifest it ride, you know you are going to go up and down on a broken/haunted elevator. And yet you don’t know how many floors you will fall, you don’t know how many floors you will go up and no matter how often you ride it – it is never the same.

In a lot of ways making this visual board for our business is scary. We are making our thoughts and wishes known now. Yes, we knew what we wanted but if we keep it in our heads or just to ourselves, if we fail or don’t accomplish our goals it was always just us who knew. We are going from the known to the unknown.

We are putting our hopes, dreams, vision out there for the world to see! That is a big change for us. That is a big step in our growth department. If you think it, ink it because you are more likely to accomplish things you put down on paper. So what is taking so long to get them down?

I can and I willNot having enough belief in who we are as a couple. What we could accomplish if we worked harder, together. Listening to what others would say about different things (like oh my gosh you work for a MLM, a pyramid scheme, an at home business!). Listening to what my past was saying about all the other companies I had tried in the past that went nowhere.

As we are moving forward. As we are stepping into a new phase for what we are about to accomplish. There are some things we can do daily to help us along! We need to get in the habit of:

  1. Throwing our negative thoughts out.
  2. Starting our day with a thanks and praise.
  3. Do our daily affirmations.
  4. Keeping our visual board in front of us.
  5. If you think it, ink it and put it in front of us.
  6. Keeping our schedule for each day.
  7. Remembering our why.
  8. Understand mistakes help you grow and change.
  9. Believe in us.
  10. Know we are changing our life!

Bad days will happen but that leads me back to throwing out our negative thoughts. IMy Daily Affirmations want to be in control of my thoughts. I don’t want my past, the devil or negative people controlling my thoughts. I now have an option. I can literally toss it away. I can tear it up. I can burn the paper. I can do whatever to get rid of it.

We have made some amazing choices about our life in the past thirteen months. We have decided we are changing our future. It has required us to take a really hard and long look at things. We have had to disappoint our kiddos by taking away a vacation we had planned.

However all of the choices we are making is so that we have a better future. We are working hard for this. We are united. We are changing where things are going in our life. That is a really amazing feeling to know we are working together to have a strong future.

What does your future look like? Do you like how it is looking? What would you change if you could? Maybe it is time you make a visual board and if you think it, ink it.

Doesn’t have to be about a business, it can be about changes you want to see take shape in your life as well!







Pressures In Life Can Overwhelm

Put On The Full Armor of God.  ThinkOneChange.comLast week in Bible study, I struggled. I could not get through the chapter. My focus was missing. Every time I tried to read it, pressures in life took over. My mind would wander and I would close the book, again.

I could not figure out what was really going on. Which was kind of crazy since the whole strategy was about the pressures you face. We are reading FerVent by Priscilla Shirer. At the end of each chapter I do a summary of what we read for the ladies. Here is the summary on Strategy 8.

Hi Ladies!

This past week we talked about Strategy 8, Your Pressures.

I have had some chapters that were a bit hard to get through, but this chapter was For I know the plans I have for you!  ThinkOneChange.comimpossible for me to get through. Every time I would sit down to read it, I could not focus.

What was causing all these issues? All the pressures of life that had been going on! They have not gone away but I made the choice to truly focus. To dig into prayer, to focus on God and what He had planned for me.

We can be enslaved by good things and bad things. I often think it is easy for us to focus on the good things we are doing for Him, and forget to focus on the relationship with him.

We have to find our balance. We have to set a schedule for ourselves. We need time daily for our family, for our time with God, for the things He is placing in front of us. The only way to really know if it is of Him, be in the relationship with Him.

I love where she said, “Your Father just wants you to be you. And that means not
having to be two of you to get it all done.” because that thought is what has been setting me free. The fact that God has been showing me that HE created me to be who I am. That He wants me to be me. To see that in this chapter was just another way He confirmed to me that I am heading in the right direction.

I was not created to be who my parents wish I was. I was not created to be who my children wish I was. I was not created to be the person who always says yes and never says no. I was not created to be what others want me to, I was created to be in a relationship with Him. I was created to listen to Him, His will, His wants for me.

Do not love with words but with actions!  ThinkOneChange.comAnd the more I head in the direction He has for my life, the more peace I have inside of me. The more contentment I have in my life. The more rejuvenated I feel when I spend time with Him in worship.

Another thing God has pointed out to me is that my children are affected by who I was trying to be. The more I was going, the more I expected from them, the more perfection they would try to show to gain my approval. That is not what I want for them! I want them to build their relationship with Christ. I want them to build who God has created them to be.

Pressures in our lives can lead us to be worn, weary, exhausted and pushing God to the side. That is not what He created us for. Good and bad things get in our way of having a relationship with Him.

Maybe it is time to really go into prayer about each thing you are doing in your life. Even those who are retired can be choosing wrong things. Over this past week, I have been making a list. I have been watching what is taking my time.

I am praying about it all. I hope you do as well!

Tomorrow we talk about our hurts! I can’t wait to see you all.

It was crazy how I could not focus. I was so focused on all that was going on around me. I am so glad that I took the time to focus on Him, pull myself back in alignment with God and moved past the craziness of the past week.

This does bring us closer to the book being over. When the book is over, we have oneTake Care Of Yourself, If The Cup Is Empty You Can't Pour From It! more week as a final get together, then our Bible study for the year is over. So I have been working on trying to figure out what would be a good choice for summer Bible study.

Between two of us we decided it would be good to do something that gets us more in tune with God. So we are thinking about doing a daily devotional and then just talking about what we read over the week.

So far we have talked about using: Jesus Calling By Sarah Young, Jesus Always By Sarah Young, A Little God Time For Women By Broadstreet Publishing Group and I have a couple others I would like to pull out and review.

Anyone have any reviews or a daily devotional you love? I would love to hear your thoughts!

You Are A Light Around Here!

Be His Light!

Update on #RickerStrong

There have been a couple of updates but this is part of the latest one! There are no words that can express how wonderful this update is.

4/17/2017 Update
Brison’s MRI “Partial Results” were received on Saturday! All Glory to God for the amazing news we received! Below is an email between Brison’s oncologist and myself.

From Dr. Dicken’s -“There is no final report in the system. I looked at the MRI last night and there were no post contrast images loaded into the system so I cannot compare what I was worried about last time to what is available. What I can say is that his pons looks near normal and there no obvious masses elsewhere. The contrast helps elucidate the smaller lesions and that is what is not available. If he is doing the same or better neurologically I would be surprised if the final results will be bad news. Sorry for the delay in final results but there is no one around over the holiday weekend to figure out where the rest of the images are. I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter.”

My Response – Thank You so much for getting us the information that you have! So when you say his pons looks near normal does this mean that original tumor is almost gone?

He is doing better neurologically! He is better than he has been since this time last year!

Dr. Dickens – “That is a big yes on the pons question. Happy to hear he is doing better. Hope to get the final answer to you on Monday. For now tell him I anticipate giving him news that will lead to him flashing one of those classic Brison smiles.”

Today we received the results from the remaining scans with contrast that show the small lesions in the lining of the brain and spine and they show stable, no growth, but no noticeable improvements either. They are not big enough to cause any symptoms. We were hoping they were gone but in the world of DIPG, stable is good! Dr. Burzynski will read them Wed. and let us know if any changes in treatment need to be made. Scans were at only 5 weeks on additional treatment so we remain optimistic! Please pray these lesions disappear and and that by his next scans we hear nothing but NED (No Evidence of Disease). Brison has a long road of treatment to go, even when he does get clear scans, he needs to remain on this treatment for many months to assure it does not return. For now we are praising Jesus and celebrating our great news! He is feeling great physically and emotionally is filled with happiness and confidence that he will beat this!

This is not the whole update so be sure to go see the rest of it on their gofundme page! It is a great update!

Also this family has a huge financial burden they are currently bearing. If you are able to help financially it would be amazing. If you are able to help by passing their gofundme page on to others it would be awesome. If you are able to help by praying that would be fabulous!

This is a local family to me. They are not far from where I live. As a mother who has not had to live through something like this, I have no idea what I would do if it was me. I am sure when the doors were closed and the children were sleeping, I would break down and have it out with God, even though He isn’t to blame.

If you have the ability to help in any of the ways please do! You can visit their gofundme page here!


Essential Oil Education

When you make the choice to transform your home from toxic chemicals to non-toxic chemicals there is a bit of responsibility that goes with that. You have to be willing to educate yourself about what you are going to be using. You are going to find a lot of differing opinions and views. You have to be willing to take the time to weed through and understand the difference.

In our posts Three Aromatherapy Schools and Knowledge Is Power we talk about some of the differences. Basically anything you want to know you are going to find. Type into a search engine, “Are Essential Oils Safe To Take Internally?” And then type into a search engine, “Are Essential Oils Dangerous To Take Internally?” Now tell me what you found with each search. You are looking for an answer and you are going to end up finding what you are searching for. When you do safe you are going to find things that explain why it is safe. When you put in dangerous you are going to find things that support it being dangerous. You will always find what you are searching for, that is how search engines are programmed to work.

When I first started with essential oils I was trying to educate myself with online things. It didn’t work very well because of the fact that it was always geared to my question and the way I asked it. I would always find answers for the pro’s and the con’s. Plus most of the writing here in the states comes from the Britain school of training ( read Three Aromatherapy Schools to understand). So I turned to books.

I got onto Amazon and started to order the books that were recommended by others who were using the same brand of essential oil I was. I found that since so many before me were using these books they had to be good. Once the books were here in the house and I started to read and use them, I realized how important it was to have books that were written for the brand of essential oils you use and also by those who use them.

 So now that we know that education is so important, I am going to share with you the books that I either have in this house already (or a version of it) or that I have on my wish list. These are not listed in any specific order either.

  1. Essential Oils pocket reference by Life Science I do have an older version of this book. I keep this one in my car to have on hand when I need a quick reference.
  2. Essential Oils desk reference by Life Science I do not have this one in the house yet but it is high on my wish list. I can not wait to get this one in my
  3. Essential Oils desk reference Convention Edition by Life Science I do not have this one in my house yet and it is high on my wish list as well!
  4. Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern I do have this book in my house and am very thankful that I do! This is a must if you are pregnant or have children.
  5. Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley They have a lot of versions out. I have two of their older ones. I would never be without this guide to be able to reference! This is a must have if you are going to use essential oils. They list all of them as singles, blends, plus they have a section that you can look up by problems Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern. ThinkOneChange.cominstead of looking up oils instead. By far the best book I have as a guide.
  6. Quick Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley Same exact sentiments as #5!
  7. The Primary Usage Guide by Connie and Alan Higley This is a smaller pamphlet that is great to be able to keep in your car
    or diaper bag.
  8. The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart This bookReference Guide for Essential Oils. was amazing. Helped me understand things about essential oils I didn’t realize I was thinking incorrectly about. It really was an easy read, even though it is a big book. If you want to understand the how and whys of essential oils this is a must read.
  9. Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart If you believe in Christ and the Bible this is a great book to get. Opens your Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils. ThinkOneChange.comeyes to so much and it is just amazing. I highly recommend this book.
  10. Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift CD & Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift Study Companion Goes along with #9 in many ways but if you are going to get this be sure to get the CD and the Study Companion because it doesn’t make much sense without them both.
  11. Antimicrobial Essential Oil Champions by DavidThe Primary Usage Guide Stewart I do not have this book yet but it is on my wish list and it will be in my home before the year is over!The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple. Healing OIls of the Bible.




Healing: God's Forgotten Gift.  ThinkOneChange.comAntimicrobial Essential Oils Champions.




I know that I put a lot of options up for where to start your education. While I didn’t list the books in any particular order I would highly recommend starting with the Connie and Alan Higley books. They are personally the ones I use the most often and the ones I enjoy learning from the most.

Do you have a favorite book you have used for your essential oil education? I would love to hear what ones you have used that you have both enjoyed and would not recommend to anyone. It is always good to have more options to pick from than the ones I already have and have on my wish list!


You Say You Would Die For Your Spouse

I have done a lot of thinking today. I was on my way in the car and I heard over the radio someone talking about how if you are willing to die for your spouse, you should be willing to let something in your marriage die. Just think about that for a moment. 

Have you ever been watching a movie where the main character dies for someone else and then you say to your spouse (or vice verse), “Would you die for me?” I can say I would like to think I would but I am not totally sure. In the moment, without thinking, yes I would probably try to spare the life of my spouse. 

Do you have troubled areas in your marriage? Of course you do, everyone does. So why is it a troubled area for you and your spouse? Does it go against your beliefs? Is it something new that has come out that you don’t approve of? Is it something old you had hoped would change? Are you having non-stop fights about it? Or have you given up fighting about it and just give in?

Now go back to the fact that you would die for your spouse and your spouse would die for you. Why are you fighting over this? Is it something that you can compromise on? Are you the one with the problem and maybe just maybe in order for your marriage to survive you need to let this one thing die for your marriage! 

If you are willing to die for your spouse. If you are willing to give your life so your spouse can live their life, why wouldn’t you be willing to let something vacate your life for the sake of your marriage? Maybe it is something you can live with but do not enjoy, but it isn’t compromising your values. Should you consider a compromise there? 

I had never stopped to think about marriage issues in this way before. Does it compromise my values? Does it truly harm the marriage or am I doing more harm by fighting over it all the time? Why do I feel I need to change my spouse instead of handing my spouse over to God? If I was given a choice of my marriage or whatever was causing the issue I would choose my marriage! 

With that being the case, why would I continue to fight and build a wall? Maybe it isn’t me who has the issue that needs to die in our marriage. Maybe it is my spouse, how do I go about dealing with that? As I have said many times over the recent months, go to prayer. Another thing would be to seek out therapy for yourself. While it would be awesome to just say to your spouse, “Well you would die for me so why can’t (fill in the blank) die for you to save our marriage.” Typically if you would say that to your spouse who has the problem they are facing, it is just cutting them down more. 

We are not placed here to fix our spouses, we are placed here to support them, to love them and to help them. It really does depend upon how your marriage is. Do you communicate well but just butt heads about certain things? Do you have very little communication and every time you open your mouth it turns into a fight?  When you are dealing with some kind of addiction (addcitions can be ANYTHING), especially if the don’t see it, asking them to give it up will likely result in an argument and fight. Praying, getting help for yourself, and learning proper steps to deal with things is your best option. 

One thing I learned from my first marriage was crazy people attact craziness. I was not stable mentally and was drawn into someone who had their own mental stability issues. It was not a good combination. Our home was always in a World War. The only time we really got along was when we had other people around. We were just not a good combination. 

Your relationship does not have to start out with emotionally unhealthy people in it either. You can start out with a fabulous relationship. You can start out with wonderful communication, laughter and love. Then if something goes wrong and it isn’t dealt with, one of the people can become emotionally unhealthy. That also can create its own issues. It can attract others who are emotionally unhealthy but it can also draw the stable spouse into the emotionally unhealthy zone as well (which goes back to get yourself a therapist).

You can have a marriage that is great. You can have a life that you love. You can have communication. You can have laughter. You can make it until you are old and wrinkly and adorable together. What do you need to do if something is currently standing in the way in your marriage? Would you die for your spouse? If so, what in your marriage can you have die so that things get better? If there isn’t anything you can personally do, have you given it to God? 

We were given a gift when we met our partner in life. It takes work, from both people to make a marriage work though. You have to be willing to put your spouse before everything in your life, but your relationship with God. Are you building your relationship with God and are you putting your partner first? 

Where are you at in your relationship? Would you physically die for your spouse? If so, are you fighting about something that maybe just maybe you should be letting die in your marriage to strengthen it?

Have you ever heard of Jimmy Evans? When my first marriage was floundering and I was looking for help, he came to our town. I bought ever CD and book I could from him! If you have not heard about him before I highly suggest if your marriage is struggling to check him out (clicking on any of the links above will take you to different books for marriage)!

I would love to hear from you and where you are at!