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September is Suicide Awareness Month

I don't know statistics and to be honest I don't really care. Statistics do not mean much if we do nothing with them. One person dying by their own hand is to many. One person feeling so helpless, hopeless, and alone that they will never come out of that deep dark black endless pit that… Continue reading September is Suicide Awareness Month

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Three Ingredient Strawberry Jam

Well all over Facebook you can find people posting videos with recipes. One that I had saved but kept on popping up all over was the three ingredient strawberry jam. It looked amazing as an end product. It looked pretty easy to make. It didn’t look like it would take a long time; well that… Continue reading Three Ingredient Strawberry Jam

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My Road To The St. Jude’s Marathon

Well let me just tell you a little bit about who I am. I am a 42 year old (almost 43) wife and mom (that is Jack and I celebrating birthdays with a cupcake fight). I have a few really good friends, a lot of friends and a lot of acquaintances. I have numerous autoimmune… Continue reading My Road To The St. Jude’s Marathon

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Watch Our Tower Garden Grow!

Back in July I talked about how we decided to get a Tower Garden. Here is where we put her together, put some seedlings in, grew some seedlings and added those and how it has grown over the past three weeks! Putting Tower Garden Together Tower Garden Seedlings Tower Garden Week One Update Tower Garden… Continue reading Watch Our Tower Garden Grow!

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Keepers of the Faith Quartet

Tonight I was blessed enough to go to my church and help support Community Recovery by attending the Keepers of the Faith group. Their story brought me to tears. They music spoke to my soul. This concert is not at our church but it will give you an idea of what I had the… Continue reading Keepers of the Faith Quartet

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We Are Buying a Tower Garden

We are pulling the trigger and getting ourselves a tower garden! Wonder how the tower garden works? You can watch this short video that gives an overview: We have decided it is time to start really saving on our grocery bill! Have been contemplating this move for 16 months now. Before it didn't make… Continue reading We Are Buying a Tower Garden

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Vulnerable vs. Transparent

I have joined a book study for the summer. We are reading Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen and tonight we read chapter 6, No Longer Lonely. She talked about a lot but one thing she did was define the difference between being vulnerable and transparent.  I never really thought there was much difference but after… Continue reading Vulnerable vs. Transparent

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Bad Days Video Update

So the last few days have been rough. I post a lot of positive things because it helps me change where my mindset used to be. Lately I have been forgetting why I started all this good stuff. I haven't completely forgotten it but things have been going pretty good compared to March 2016 and… Continue reading Bad Days Video Update

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Happy 1 Year Anniversary 

It has been a while since I have really done a face update. What better time to do it than the 1 year anniversary of being on the whole food based nutrtion. Better know as the fruit, veggies and berry capsules around here. Plus 13 months of using the natural face cleanser from Young Living!… Continue reading Happy 1 Year Anniversary 

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April The Giraffe

So almost a week ago I saw all the hype about April the giraffe who was in labor and about to give birth. I thought people were nuts for sitting there watching this. Then on Friday the 24th of February I opened it up to see this mama while I was sitting at lunch with… Continue reading April The Giraffe