Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

I found both of these pages online. I wish I knew who they came from because I have been using them a lot and have been very happy with them.

Motivational Diffuser Blends.  #thinkonechangeI have not been the most motivated person lately. It seems there are just certain points I hit that struggle to keep on going. I know part of this is going on because of a low vitamin D and being anemic.

Still I got online and did some searching. While I love to create my own diffuser and roller bottle blends, I just wanted some that were tried and true.

So I found this sheet of Motivational Diffuser Blends online. I have used a lot of them. I don’t think there was a single oil listed on the sheet that I did not have.

I have used all of them at some point over the past couple of weeks. I am however particularly fond of the ones that have lime in them. I just love the smell of lime. It is so invigorating in itself!

Diffuser Blends for Relaxation and Rest.  #thinkonechange

I have also been using blends to help with relaxation and rest. I am tired but I struggle with getting to sleep and at times even staying asleep. So I have been playing with these blends for the night time.

Each and ever person is different. While some might work fabulous for one, it may not be the best option for someone else. So play around with what helps you sleep the best for yourself.

One of my favorite oils to use at night is Stress Away. There is just something so relaxing and comforting to me about that essential oil. One of my favorite things to do with it – put it on my wrists just before I go to sleep. Without even realizing it I tend to put my wrists up by my face and then inhale it even more.

How long to nap?  #thinkonechangeAlso have you ever wondered what is the right amount of time to actually take a nap? I do not nap often, I am thinking I might be better served if I did from time to time. Still here is a great little clip that explains the best amount of time to nap for certain situations!

I know when I do take a nap, often I end up sleeping much longer than I need or wanted to. Then I get up feeling worse than when I first laid down. So I should probably print this out and keep it next to my bed for reference!

I hope you have all had a great week and have a great weekend!


When You Realize There Is One More Thing To Eliminate From Your Diet

Not today Satan!  #thinkonechangeThe healthier I get the more I realize there are things that are just not good for me. There are some people who are out there who can indulge in certain foods from time to time and they don’t have huge consequences. On the other hand I am seeing when I get things like dairy, I bloat and have intestinal issues for about a week.

Today we had Bible study here at the house. There is nothing that soothes my soul like a great talk with some of the best friends I have ever had. One was missing today but she had a really good reason. I indulged today in some white cheddar popcorn. I did it on Monday as well (another Bible/book study).

So this past weekend, after a week of clean eating, my stomach was really flat (as flat as you can get when you are fluffy). I could see a huge difference. By Tuesday after having the cheddar popcorn the night before, I was bloated in a massive way. It all of a suddenGluten Free For Me.  #thinkonechange hit me that the only thing I had really added back was the dairy.

It was a sad moment for me. In March of 2016 of eliminated gluten. I am not 100% gluten-free because I have cross contamination in my home. But I do not eat gluten products myself anymore. I have gotten used to not eating gluten. I have eliminated a lot of the gluten products in my house but there are still a few things I let the rest of the family eat. So to realize that I have one more thing that I must eliminate was a little heartbreaking.

I have been doing a really good job and feeling better. But when I realize that a lot of my current issues are due to choices I am making, I have to stop it. I know what being in pain is like. I know what feeling better is like. So how can I intentionally make choices that bring the pain on?

Any moment can be a fresh start.  #thinkonechangeStill today, without thinking about it, I ate more white cheddar popcorn. Not only that, I ate some caramel almonds, some yogurt almonds, and some chocolate almonds (all powdered, all with dairy). Before I sat down for dinner, I looked like I was even more fluffy than when the day started. Then it hit me again.


So here I am, having to make an even more adjustments and being even more conscious before just putting something into my mouth. Not only will this be an adjustment for me, it will be for the external family and friends. I have zero issues skipping out on eating something but others take offense to it if I choose not to partake in meals offered.

My family and my husband’s family have a hard time accepting that I choose not to eat certain things. They feel as if they have to make things I can eat. I personally do notWhat are you feeding your mind?  #thinkonechange expect everyone/anyone to change what they cook or eat to accommodate me. If I am worried I won’t have anything to eat then I bring my own food that I know I can eat.

You see I have a lot of different autoimmune issues. Each one of those issues comes with its own diet to follow. Sixteen months ago when my family and I started to flood our bodies daily with fruits, veggies and berries those diets slowly changed for me. I was able to start slowly adding things back in I had not been able to eat for a long time.

It was wonderful being able to eat tomatoes, onions, garlic, lemons, limes and anything else I really wanted to. I could pick out any apple to eat instead of only a few that are more low acid ones. It was like I was a child seeing her presents for the first time on Christmas morning and then opening those presents and seeing everything she had put on her Christmas list. It was that amazing!

There were a few things though I had questions about still. I was doing my best to keep Did you take your health assurance today?  #thinkonechangeour family off processed foods, I was working on eliminating gluten, I was iffy on the whole dairy thing and then one of the biggest ones was how did I go about replacing sugar with a more natural sugar. Once I started flooding my body with the whole food nutrition on a daily basis tossing the gluten wasn’t a bit deal.

I didn’t crave it like I used to do. I wasn’t really eating many processed foods at that point. My family still does but my consumption was down to maybe 4 times a month. Dairy I had no idea how I was going to eliminate that one. As a matter of fact I crossed that off my list of eliminations and figured if it really was a problem I’d get to it later.

How was I going to replace sugar with something more natural? I wasn’t certain. But I started with looking around trying to figure it out. Everyone has their own opinions on it. I have been doing mainly raw honey (local farmers) and real maple syrup. It has been doing a really good job actually.

I have fibromyalgia. I have rosacea. I have psoriasis. I have endometriosis. I haveWhat if THIS is the last thing you EVER have to try?  #thinkonechange interstitial cystitis. I have sjogren syndrome. I have raynaud’s phenomenon. I have reactive arthritis. We were about to start testing for mixed connective tissue disease and started testing for eosinophilic esophagitis but some insurance complications came up.

Autoimmune issues come with pain, inflammation from pain, and each one has its own diet plan (like I said earlier), many prescriptions, and so many tests and doctors that I can’t even begin to describe it. On top of that comes exhaustion, depression, anxiety, self-consciousness, and more emotions that you may not even be able to describe.

It is not easy living a life that most don’t understand. I avoided people. I didn’t want to be friends with people really because I couldn’t be the friend I should be. I was not happy. I tried to pretend but I didn’t do a very good job I am sure. I cried a lot. I lived in bed a lot.

I am sure you are getting a general picture to what I was like. How anyone could love me, I am not sure because I didn’t even like myself.

But things changed in February 2016 when my husband and I decided to start the I really do care about you.  #thinkonechangechildren’s health study with our purchase of our fruits, veggies and berry capsules. We were going to feed our children for free, for up to four years. Why not? I mean we had tried everything at that point. What if this was the last thing I ever had to do to feel better? What if this was it?

Guess what? It was it! It has helped in ways I never thought possible. My daily pain levels of 10 plus are down to 4-6 daily. My red, reverse clown face that made me cry when I washed my face or my children kissed me is pretty much gone. My pustules that made me hate looking in the mirror are about 90% gone.

Those I things I never thought I would reach. Those are things I had given up on long ago. I cried daily and I hated it. I don’t cry often anymore and rarely do I cry from pain anymore.

So for me to realize that I have one more thing I need to eliminate, it is a bit disheartening but in the grand scheme of things, I am okay with it. It will take work because I have to go back to reading packages more carefully. Soon I will know what I can’t have.

It is a price I am willing to pay so that maybe that 4-6 daily drops to a 3-5 daily!

I Don’t Even Know Anymore

Life was never promised to be easy. Some days it is a bit more overwhelming for me to deal with than others. Today is one of those days. My pain has been elevated. I have been working hard around the house and out in the yard. I still have a lot to do and it makes it hard when there is the pain.

My pain isn't as bad as it used to be. For that I am really thankful. It still wears on you. My exhaustion goes up. My hands don't work the way they are supposed to. My legs don't work the way they are supposed to. My neck, shoulders, upper back, hips, lower back and knee areas have spots that turn into sore spots.

It is one of those days where I want to scream. I want to cry. I want to lay down and sleep but can't because I have a house full of children. I had so much more on my list to accomplish but it was to much today.

It always seems like when I have pain everything else is even more overwhelming. Why is that? Why does physical pain cause everything else to be so much more difficult?

Here is the best part for me right now, even though it has been hard tomorrow is a new day. I get to close my eyes, talk to Christ, sleep and refresh and wake up tomorrow and start over.

I will wake up with pain. I will wake up with things to do. I will wake up and say thank you for allowing me to have another day.

Brison Ricker Update

Here is the full update on Brison.

Big Improvements! They started Brison on a heavy dose of steroids last night and the fog is starting to lift, praise Jesus! Yesterday at one point he didn't even know his name, so it was very scary! His thoughts are much clearer now but not back to 100% yet, however his speech is back to normal! They are continuing the high steroids through today and then he will go down to a low dose that they expect will be sufficient. I did speak with his oncologist here and he feels that Brison is stable and that we should continue what we are doing! This was so great to hear from him! They placed a feeding tube this afternoon, well actually three… they were having issues, The first one had a wire they couldnt get out, the second one the end came out the other nostril within 15 minutes and then they switched sides and that one is still in. So now his nose and throat and very irritated and the meal he was so looking forward to eating after three days with no food, no longer was possible. Hopefully the irritation will be better soon. Until then they have started tube feeds to get him some nutrition. Other than the pain this causes, his pain is under control now with decreased frequency on pain meds and his vomiting has stopped too. If things keep improving at this rate we will likely be able to go home tomorrow or Tuesday.

Today Preston starts his second low iodine diet in preparation for his scans that we will get the 24th. My plan was to have been home to feed him all the foods he loves before going on this diet he struggles so badly with but I had to be here with Brison obviously. I planned to shop and prepare so he had some options that were not so bad for him and that hasn't taken place either. Being torn between my babies is so hard, but he is in good hands at one of his best friends house and we are so grateful for their help and being there for Preston when we can't. We pray to hear NED (no evidence of disease) on his upcoming scans!

Please keep both Brison and Preston in your prayers as they continue to fight the same yet such different diseases. Please share.

#childhoodcancerawareness #morethan4 #powerofprayer #rickerstrong

PayPal Link to Help

GoFundMe Link to Help

Ricker Family Update – August 8, 2017

Life is not fair. We were never promised it would be fair. If you read the book of Job, you can see it isn't fair.

While we can not compare any of our situations to each other, I sometimes I feel guilty when I ask for prayers. Especially when I know this families struggles and their hardships. But that isn't what God wants, He wants all of us coming to Him.

This is the most recent update from Kim:

8/8/17 Update – Brison has not been feeling very well and having more bad days than good days. He is having a really tough time tolerating his treatments, keeping his electrolytes balanced has been the hardest, even with getting IV fluids a couple times a week. When his sodium gets really high and potassium low, is causes nausea, no appetite, vomiting, and dehydration. So then we have to stop treatment for 1-3 days until he gets feeling better and restart them. It has been a vicious cycle. I am looking into giving him IV fluids myself at home so that it can be done daily to help avoid this, also considering a feeding tube still since I could not only get extra fluids in that way but and also much needed nutrition. He has been having headaches more frequent, we are hoping this

To see the rest of the update be sure to head over to the families gofundme page.

This family has been through a lot over the past year in a half. They just keep on praying, keep on trusting, keep on believing and doing what needs to be done. The community here and the DIPG community stand with them.

I am asking that you stand with them as well. Pray for them. Donate to them if you can. Share their gofundme updates with others.

The more people who see, share, know about their story, the more people who can stand with them and help them ask God leads them.

Cancer, Health, Overall Wellness

Not about perfection but balance.  #thinkonechangeI wish I could say that my eating habits were perfect and I only made good choices. But I am not perfect. There are times I make really poor choices. Like today, I really wanted a sweet treat and so I ate marshmallows. While it isn’t an overall bad choice, my body doesn’t do well with processed sugars anymore. It probably never did well but I made the choice to not associate it with my poor eating habits.

I have been flooding my body daily with whole food nutrition (in capsules) and it has changed my life. I know what happens when I make poor choices and yet I still make them. Tonight my body is rebelling from my poor choices earlier today. It is crazy how fast the processed sugars now affect my body. It is what happens when you remove them from your diet.

I thought I was a healthy person. I ate my fruits and veggies each day. I had all of my servings. So why wasn’t I healthier? Because I was still making unhealthy choices. I wasFocus on the GOOD.  #thinkonechange still eating junk food. I was eating a lot of processed sugars. I was eating a lot of unhealthy carbohydrates (cookies, cakes, bread, etc.).

Not only that but I wasn’t eating a variety of fruits and veggies. I was only eating a few of each and that isn’t enough to help your body be healthy. Each fruit, veggie and berry has its own phytonutrients  that work with its own organs of the body. It was no wonder that my body was still in a broken state. It was no wonder that when I started taking the whole food nutrition daily my body started to heal and get better.

Cancer seems to run in my family. If I continued on the path I was, I was pretty certain I would end up with cancer. There are a ton of people in my life who have cancer. I wish I would reach out to them and help them. I have something that would help but just like me, they are skeptical and don’t get it yet.

Diet/Over Exercising vs Cleansing.  #thinkonechangeIt isn’t always easy to make changes, especially when it comes to our health. We just want to eat what we like. We want what tastes great. Which is one reason that I talk about think about one change at a time. Add just the good stuff and maybe when you start to feel a little better from the goodness, you will then start to make other changes.

I am not perfect but I am focusing on balanced living now. I wasn’t when I first started. Do you live a balanced life? It isn’t always easy, like I said earlier. Have you ever heard about the healthy living revolution? It is exactly what it sounds like!

It is a focus on changing your life so that you are getting healthy. Making healthier choices. Moving more. Getting enough sleep. It is about changing your life. Thinking about one simple change at a time. There is no point in overwhelming our bodies, ourShred10 - 10 days giving up things that are not serving you.  #thinkonechange minds and our lives with trying to change everything at once.

Trying to make a complete overhaul is a perfect way to give up on everything. At least for me. I used to go into something 100% with trying to make changes. It was an all or nothing mentality. It would work for a while and then I would give it all up. It was just to much for me.

It has been sixteen months since I started making changes in my life. Guess what? I have been making slow changes and each change I have made I have kept going. I am still not perfect but I haven’t given any of it up. To me that is amazing.

In the past sixteen months my life has changed. Here in Michigan it has been raining for the last three days. Do you have any idea what would happen to me prior to rainy days before I started to make these changes? Let me take  you through the basics:

  • My body would
  • img_0604 start to ache, especially my hands, shoulders, elbows, knees, feet, thighs, hips and neck.
  • I would barely be able to move without being in pain that was a 10+.
  • I would attempt to do laundry (basement) and my knees would give out.
  • I would attempt to do dishes and I would break cups, plates, glasses and anything else glass in my sink because I would not hold onto it.
  • I would not be able to hold a brush or comb to take care of my hair and would need my daughter to pull my hair up into a messy bun (because a ponytail would show it was uncombed).
  • I would attempt
    to vacuum and give up because I wouldn’t close my hand well enough to grip the handle.
  • I would attempt to cook and would either drop the food from the oven while taking it out or putting it in. I would end up burning the food because I didn’t have enough hand strength to stir the food in the pans. Little Caesars was a best friend to me (as long as someone else would go and get it.

Get rid of the doubt and just DO!  #thinkonechangeYesterday I realized this:

I have vacuumed, done dishes and folded clothes today. Then it dawned on me that today has been a rainy day. Sixteen months ago I would not have been able to accomplish any of those today without awful pain and consequences. So thankful for the ability to flood my body with nutrition now!

Do you know how amazing this is? I didn’t lay in bed making my children bring me peanut butter, jelly, and the bread so I could make them a sandwich to eat. I was up and I was active. It is because I have finally taken control of my health. I am not perfect and I still have bad days but I am so much better even on my bad days.

Our health, our wellness, our ability to protect ourselves from illness, autoimmune issues and even cancer really comes down to how we treat our bodies. What we put in our bodies, what we put on our bodies, what we breath in and if we move or not all makes a difference.

Dr. Dalzell, Oncology Nutrition.  #thinkonechange

I am not saying that you can prevent everything but if you could prevent when it started

would you? If you could live a longer life before serious things showed up in your life, would you? I know I would.

There is a woman who I had the privilege of watching talk and learn from a couple weekends ago. She is amazing with her knowledge. She has a PhD, RD and specialized in Oncology Nutrition.

She is going to be speaking on Sunday, August 6, 2017. If you are interested in hearing this talk, please send me a message. I would love to pass the information on to you!

This is our one and only life. You want to be able to enjoy it your way. Yes sometimes that means not being able to indulge in everything you want all the time. That just means you get a healthier life, a longer life, a life you get to enjoy with your friends and family.



Ricker Strong Fundraiser Until August 8, 2017

I should have posted this sooner but now is as good of a time. There are still a few days that you can join in and purchase some Norwex to help the Ricker Family!

If you are interested in joining and purchasing some Norwex all you need to do is go here!

If you are not sure what this fundraiser is for and you want to read about what the family is dealing with you can go to their GoFundMe page!

This is a family who has been fighting for their children’s lives! They have two boys and within a twelve month period they were both diagnosed with cancer.

They need our prayers. They need our financial support. They need us to share their story. They need us to share their fundraisers.

The more who know, the more who can help them!

Their faith is strong. Their faith has given me a boost. I would never wish what they are going through upon anyone and yet watching their family has increased my faith.


America’s Got Talent & The Voice

There is talent all over the world. I have never been a huge fan of shows like American Idol and some of the other shows like that. However there are two shows I have come to love: America’s Got Talent and The Voice.

We gave up cable a while ago. Financially it just made sense. We still needed internet and we have a smart TV and an Amazon Fire TV. So we watch Youtube and we also have Netflix. I do not get to see the most current shows that I used to love but that is okay.

We survive without live TV. I never thought it would work for a few in the house but overall everyone has adjusted great.

Now I just want to share a few of my favorite people from these shows. Music speaks to my soul. The people who sing, write, and perform these songs all have stories. Guess what? Those stories speak to my soul. My husband is assured that when we had cable that I would cry during each of those shows at least once.

Chris Medina was on America’s Got Talent but I can’t find that video now.


If I am picking the music I am listening to, most of the time it is going to be some form of Christian music. It just speaks to me. I can sing, praise, and cry out to God. I also find that it just feeds the soul. So often I can get into my car and feel frustrated or defeated and then I start the car and a song will be on.

My whole attitude is changed. My outlook is better. I feel His presence and I just feel better. I feel His comfort. I know that no matter what happens, it is going to be okay. He is with me.

Does music ever speak to you like this?

Trusting Your Path

Act, and God will act. -Joan of Arc  #thinkonechangeTrusting the path you are on is not always easy. Today I have done a lot of thinking and praying and being frustrated and praying some more.

I have talked about the Tower Garden a few times before. After many long talks, we finally decided to purchase one a couple weeks ago. So very excited and I could not wait for it to get here. It arrived last night.

Because of some disappointing news at the end of last week, I have been trying to decide if we should send it back. I probably should but seeing how Jack is now eating a lot of salads on top of me eating at least one a day, in the end it will save us money. It is just a matter of trying to figure out how to make it work until the point it is paid for.

So today we spent some time setting it up. All we have left to do is get the seeds going in the rockwool and soon we will have our own vertical aeroponic fresh garden that is feeding our family year round. I said a prayer for you.  #thinkonechange

Then came the talk from Jack. If Adam isn’t going to be living here anymore we should make his room a bedroom and office. We can put your computer desk in there to get it out of the kitchen so in the winter we can put the Tower Garden in there.

I may have been a bit unhappy with that suggestion. While deep down I know Adam isn’t coming back home, I am not ready for him to be gone. I get it, I have three other children who are still living in the home. We don’t have our basement because it flooded twice and we can’t repair it. It would be better to have only five people living on the main level instead of six. It would be better to only have to feed five people instead of six.

Still it hit me hard. I felt like I had a knife stabbed into my chest. He hasn’t been here Fear has two meanings.  #thinkonechangesince the 23rd of July. I rarely get a text from him. He never calls and rarely picks up the phone when I call. And yet, the thought of changing his room hurts. He is my baby and with him not living here, I won’t see him or hear from him hardly at all. It is just who he is as a person.

Trusting the path I am on and trusting the path he is on and trusting the path our family is on – it is hard.

There is no way to say for certain that any of the choices you make are the right ones. You can pray about it. You can talk about it with God. You can confirm it with what others say that affirm it. Yet there is still a chance, it is going to turn out wrong.

We do not have control over anything but ourselves and our choices. We could be making all the correct choices and someone else’s bad choice could still cross paths with our good choice.

I opened all my notes from boot camp today and was reflecting upon some of them. Some of the people quoted Joan of Arc. Some of the people quoted Wonder Woman. SomeI won't be looking back. -Joan of Arc  #thinkonechange of the people quoted Eric Worre. Some of the people quoted Brene Brown. I wrote a lot of quotes down but one of them really stuck out to me.

When Joan of Arc was telling the General she was going to lead the troops into battle he wasn’t favorable with his response. He said, “Not a man will follow you.” and her response was, “I won’t be looking back to see if they’re following me.”

That really got me thinking. She had messages from God. She knew her path was right. She didn’t care if they followed her because God told her to do this. She didn’t have to worry about if they were following her because she trusted the path God had placed her on. She was acting and God would act because of it.

I may not be getting messages from any angel that God sent to me but He does send me plenty of signs. To have the faith she had would be amazing because I do not believe I have that faith. It takes me a long time to truth the path He has placed me upon and then I still question it once I am going down it.

Do not fear, I will help you.  #thinkonechangeTrust is a hard thing. Why is it so hard though? For me, I am human and I have been hurt by other humans. I have hurt others humans. I have been a horrible person to some people. That is why it is so hard trusting because I place God in that human form. Guess what? He isn’t though!

God is good. God doesn’t want bad things to happen to any of His children. He didn’t have this plan for us. He knew it would happen but it wasn’t His plan. He gave us freewill so we could choose. He knew what we would choose and still He allowed it all to happen, even though it wasn’t His plan.

We are pretty darn amazing at screwing things up. He is pretty darn amazing at being there for us no matter what. He has given us grace.

Today is the start of a new month. Today is the true start of having to figure things outPrayer, the cure for a broken heart, a confused mind and a weary soul.  #thinkonechange again. Life is great at throwing you curve balls and most of the time, I don’t catch them because they hit me square in the chest. I have had to really just give it all up to God because I have run out of options to figure it out myself.

I just said to someone the other day, “You can’t keep on rescuing her because then you are not allowing her to have to rely upon God.” In many ways it was a huge slap in my own face. Those words hit me hard. I haven’t fully been trusting because I have always been looking for a way to fix it all myself.

I am not saying we don’t have a responsibility to act and do our part. However when we are not just praying, when we are not working on our relationship with Him, when we are looking for solutions and just jumping in feet first (or even head first), we are not trusting our path. We are trying to create our own path and figure it out instead of doing His will for us and following His path.